Dr. Jamie Bovay is the leading back pain expert in Denver and is renowned for his track record of delivering fast, natural pain relief, and helping people to return to doing the things they love.

Best Selling Author

As a #1 Amazon.com Best Seller and author of the critically and clinically acclaimed book Adding Insight To Injury, Jamie has helped people around the world.

His book takes a no-BS approach to teach you all you need to know about recovering from injuries and getting back to sports, workouts and a pain-free, active lifestyle.

Respected Teacher Of Fellow Professionals

Jamie is well-known by a wide variety of top healthcare professionals who he has trained, or provided ongoing education to.

Through sharing his expertise, Jamie has helped other professional improve their ability to treat complex injuries, and provide safe and natural treatments which help people stay healthy, active and mobile.

Two-Time Best Physical Therapist in Denver

On multiple occasions, Dr. Jamie Bovay has been named and awarded the title of Best Physical Therapist in Denver!

Due to his knowledge and expertise, when it comes to lower back pain and sciatica, it’s not a surprise that the rest of Denver thinks he’s the best too!

Physical Therapist for FC Denver & Denver Rush

Jamie has been specially selected and is the trusted physical therapist for 4 popular sports teams in Colorado, including FC Denver of the Colorado Premier League and the Denver Rush of the Women’s X-League, just to name a couple.

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