“Are You Suffering With Herniated Discs or Agonizing Sciatica That’s Stopping You Exercising, Playing Sports And Living An Everyday Active Life”

Just because you are suffering from herniated discs or sciatica, it doesn’t mean that it’s something you should accept.

If you’ve been to doctors for this problem, you’re probably tired of hearing the same advice of taking some pain pills, resting, and hoping that it goes away.

But, as you probably know, this can lead to the problem actually getting worse and more frequent.

And if it’s really serious, you may have been told that your next step is to have surgery – a terrifying prospect many people are desperate to avoid!

Fortunately, I’ve seen people with herniated discs and extremely severe sciatica make full recoveries, and return to an active life through the proven, safe and natural treatments that me and my team can provide.

What Causes Herniated Discs or Sciatica, And Why are they a problem?

Sciatica is one of the most extreme forms of back pain, and is a condition that can cause debilitating pain, along with a concerning tingling and numbness down the legs.

Herniated discs and sciatica can get so bad that they leave you incapacitated in bed, unable to work, take care of your family, and putting your life on hold for weeks at a time.

For most sufferers of sciatica, it will come and go in waves, with the most intense pains usually lasting 4 to 6 weeks.

For some, sciatica can strike multiple times every year, meaning it completely takes over their lives and they are either in excruciating pain, or worrying about the next time it flares up.

Why You Haven’t Been Able To Cure Your Herniated Discs or Sciatica Before?

If you have been suffering from a herniated disc or sciatica then you probably feel like you are trapped going round in circles with the same advice from doctor’s when it comes to your pain.

You’re told that you need to rest and wait for it to pass, but maybe that means you’re losing out on a week or two of work, or you’re missing activities that you love.

And then you’re repeating that cycle every whenever you have a flare up.

If that sounds familiar then I am here to tell you, as the leading back pain and sciatica expert in Denver, that what you’re doing isn’t working because they are short term answers for a long term question!

What you really need is identify the root cause of your sciatica, and get the right treatments that my expert team and I are able to provide you with deliver fast-acting, natural sciatica pain relief.

How Can You Treat Herniated Discs or Sciatica Without Pills Or Surgery?

Despite what you have heard from doctors, your only solution for your sciatica or herniated discs isn’t to just rest or wait it out, and the answer is definitely not injections or surgery!

I get that you may be skeptical that you can fix your herniated discs or sciatica without the need for painkillers or surgery, but after over two decades of treating people just like you in Denver, I know that you need an approach that treats the root cause of your problem.

If you don’t address the root cause – the problem will just keep coming back. Which is why so many people who have surgery for sciatica and herniated discs, end up back in pain a year or two later.

When you come see me and my expert team, you are given the time to explain your unique situation, which is something very different from what you will have experienced with with doctors in the past.

From here, you can find out exactly why your sciatica won’t go away, and get the undivided attention, and world-class treatments that you need to get back to running, cycling, and working out in the gym!

How Can You Find Out More About Working With Herniated Disc And Sciatica Expert Dr. Jamie Bovay?

If you’re desperate for a natural way to treat sciatica and herniated discs, I appreciate you may also be very skeptical after years of trying and failing in the past.

To help you get the advice and information you need, there are 3 completely free options that you can take.

The first option is to download my Free Sciatica Report which gives you instant access to 9 proven and natural ways to ease sciatica pain.

If you prefer to speak to a real person and get personalized advice, you can speak to me and my expert team from the comfort of your own home in a Free Telephone Consultation.

The third option is to arrange a Free Discovery Visit where you can visit our Denver clinic.

This gives you the chance to meet our team, share your story, and discover the best treatment options that are suited to you and your sciatic pain.

Whichever option feels right to you is fine by me.

The most important thing is that you pick one of these free options.

If you don’t, you know that it’s not going to get any better – it’s actually more likely to get worse!

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