How You Can Get Immediate Relief For Sciatica Pain and Keep It Away

Are you suffering from agonizing sciatic pain that's been stopping you from doing things that you love?

Is your pain so bad you can't go to work, exercise, and socialize with your friends and family?

I know how concerning and painful it is when the pain stops you from doing all the things in life you used to enjoy.

However, there are things you can do for immediate relief for sciatica pain that will get you back to doing all these activities without pain.

Natural Remedies For Immediate Relief For Sciatic Pain

If you've suffered from sciatica pain for quite a while now, you probably already tried painkillers and resting, but that rarely helps and can only weaken your body more.

There are natural treatments you can try for immediate relief for sciatic pain without the need for medication, injections, or surgery.

Here are some of the things that you can do to help relieve your pain and get back to an active life without the pain and limitations it's been putting on you.

Ice And Heat For Sciatica

Sciatica is the most painful type of back pain and I understand how this can affect your life in many ways.

This is why it's important to actively look for and try natural remedies for pain relief.

If you're looking for immediate relief from sciatica pain at home, then ice or heat can help you reduce the level of pain.

Ice is great for acute injuries but can work well for sciatica too as it reduces swelling and numbs the area which immediately relieves your sciatic pain.

Heat works well for long-term and chronic pain, but can also help provide relief for sciatica pain as it relaxes stiff joints and muscles that are causing your pain, and increases circulation to speed up recovery.

When applying heat or ice to your back, make sure you wrap it in a towel first to avoid direct exposure to extreme temperatures.

3 Tips For Immediate Relief For Sciatica Pain

Stay Active

The most important thing when sciatic pain strikes is to stay active.

I know it may sound counterintuitive, but resting can only make your pain worse.

When you're resting for a long time without movement, you are stopping the blood flow to the affected area which can increase swelling, and pain, and slow down the recovery time - the last thing you want!

That's why you need to keep moving as best you can, go for walks, and do some work around the house to keep your body mobile and healthy.

This can bring more pain relief than painkillers that you're reluctantly taking.

Stretches For Immediate Relief For Sciatica Pain 

When sciatica pain strikes, sometimes you can barely walk, so you wouldn't even think about stretching.

However, stretching can really help relieve your sciatica as you increase your body flexibility and blood circulation. Stretches for back pain also relax your stiff joints and muscles which brings immediate relief for sciatic pain.

There are some great stretches for sciatica pain you can try at home like sitting glute stretch, sitting spinal stretch, figure four stretch, knee to opposite shoulder, and hamstring stretch among others.

When stretching, it's important to do it correctly as you might end up damaging your sciatic nerve even more if you don't know how to do certain exercises and stretches.

It's also important to do the right stretches that are personalized to you - what works for you, may be harmful to someone else with sciatica.

The best thing you can do is to contact me, the leading back pain expert in Denver in a Free Telephone Consultation or Free Discovery Visit where you can learn about the most effective exercises and stretches for your sciatica pain.

The Fastest Way For Immediate Relief For Sciatica Pain

The best and most effective way to relieve sciatica pain is getting professional help from the leading back pain expert in Denver who's worked with thousands of sciatica sufferers before and helped them recover from sciatica naturally.

You might have tried different things like painkillers, massage therapy, or resting and nothing worked.

Or maybe you tried physical therapy before but didn't get the expected results.

Our approach is different.

We treat the whole body, and not just the injury.

Sciatica is different in every patient, so there isn't a one size fits all solution.

In order to treat sciatica permanently, you need to identify the root cause of the problem to get specific treatment for your specific needs.

Physical therapy is the best treatment for sciatica as me and my expert team look at your body holistically which allows us to find the cause of your injury and provide the right treatment plan that gives you exactly what you need.

If you want to get immediate relief for sciatica pain that will be permanent, we are here to help.

And there are several free resources you can start with.

To discover 9 ways to ease sciatica pain and return to an active lifestyle, you can download our free advice report which gives you instant access to expert advice.

Free Sciatica Report


If you are a little hesitant and you'd like to ask us a few questions before coming to see us, you can schedule a free telephone consultation where you can talk to me and my expert team about your condition and see how we can help you.

Free Telephone Consultation

You can also come and see us at the clinic for a free discovery visit where you can meet our team, see the facilities, and learn more about our treatments which can give you fast, long-term relief without pills, injections and surgery.

Free Discovery Visit

The most important thing is to choose one option now and get the right treatment for your specific condition before your back pain and sciatica fully takes over your life.

You deserve a chance at healthy and fulfilled living.

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