Back Pain Myths You’ve Been Told By Doctors, Friends, And Social Media – That Keep You In Pain, And Taking Pills

If you've had lower back pain or sciatica, whether minor or major, you've probably been given the same advice and solutions from your doctor, friends, and even social media.

The problem is that what you're normally told isn't usually true, or is not the right advice for YOUR aches, pains, and injuries!

This is a problem because it can lead to you suffering for longer, and being unable to work out, hike, or enjoy vacations with your family.

Here are some of the most common and damaging back pain myths that you could be causing you to suffer longer than you need to.


MYTH #1 - Rest Helps Your Back Pain And Sciatica

This is the number one biggest myth that I hear from the people of Denver! I know that if you're reading this you have definitely fallen foul of this because this is a myth that everyone echoes.

Not only does rest not relieve your back pain in the long-term, but it can also do more damage!

When you rest for a prolonged period of time, you are stopping the blood flow to the area, which will cause more swelling, pain and slow down the overall recovery.

But as the leading back pain expert in Denver, I am here to tell you that you need to get moving!

Rest is not the way to treat back pain and sciatica.

Instead, you should keep moving to encourage blood flow to the affected area, which in turn also encourages the healing process of your body.


MYTH #2 - You get old and stiff

I'm sure you've heard the saying "You get old and stiff", implying that back pain and sciatica is just part of the natural progression of life and getting older.

But after working with lots of people in the 50s, 60s and beyond who are enjoying a very active life, this is not true.

Instead, I prefer to go by the saying, you get stiff then you get old!

Because this myth is so ingrained within our society, you're often told to slow down, work out less, and ease up on your sports and hobbies as you get older.

This approach leads you to becoming weaker, stiffer, and unable to do the things you did 10 years ago.

However, if you keep moving, you keep your body and muscles stay lubricated and loose so that you can feel strong, and mobile, and continue doing those activities that you love, even when society is telling you you should be calling it quits.


MYTH #3 - Stretching and exercises fix your back pain

This one may sound a bit counter-intuitive because stretching and exercises can help relieve back pain and sciatica BUT only when they are designed and personalized to you, and your unique back pain.

As the leading back pain expert in Denver, I treat countless people every week that come into my clinic and every single one of them tells me that they have tried stretches and exercises at home, but if those had worked then they wouldn't be sat in my office, right?

The problem is that your back pain is specific to YOU!

And when you are applying a general approach to a specific, and individual problem, you aren't going to get results.

That's why my expert team and I give you undivided, 1-1 time, and treat you with a personalized plan that gives you exactly what you need - all without having to resort to pills, injections, braces, or surgery.

Are You Shocked, Confused Or Even Angry About These Myths That People You Trusted Have Told You - Which Have Probably Lead To MORE BACK PAIN?

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